Miles Avery (2022)

Georgetown University

Laila Cowsette (2022)

Howard University

Max Riley (2022)

University of Maryland-College Park

Bri Werner (2022)

Coastasl Carolina University

Connor Mucchetti (2022)

St. John’s University

Dean Kelliher (2022)

Columbia University

Leah Williams (2022)

College of the Holy Cross

Sam Delgado (2022)

Rutgers University

Kevin Peprah (2021)

Rider University

Keely Knotts (2021)

Frostburg State University

Seni Joseph (2021)

University of Dayton (2021)

Catherine Smith (2021)

Frostburg State University

Jonathan Yowell (2021)

Mount St. Mary’s University

Adrien Wheaton-Schopp (2021)

Columbia University

Kayla Waldron (2021)

University of Delaware

Nicholas Shirley (2021)

American University

Talia Halem (2021)

Central Connecticut State University

Dilane Zouantcha (2021)

American University

Luca Ulrich (2021)

Georgetown University

Morgan Tilley (2021)

University of Delaware

Jordan Perkins (2021)

Mount St. Mary’s University

Leonardo Palomo (2021)

American University

Issa Mudashiru (2021)

Princeton University

Gelber Lemus (2021)

Yale University

Sofia Carrera (2021)

Bridgewater College

Giuliana Capraro (2021)

American University

Cavan Fernandes (2021)

Mount St. Mary’s University

Aidan Ashrafi (2021)

Washington University in St. Louis

Celia Braun (2021)

Boston University

Sam Bjarnason (2021)

Harvard University

Christian Bernard (2021)

Howard University

Kofi Amoah (2021)

Mount St. Mary’s University

Noa Dorah (2020)

St. Francis University

Jaddah Foos (2020)

Georgia State University

Marlon Tabora (2020)

Georgetown University

Francesca Ciatto (2020)

College of the Holy Cross

Noah Atanda (2020)

Brown University

Brianna Skidmore (2020)

Franklin and Marshall College

William Moravek (2020)

Air Force Academy

Olivia McBerry (2020)

Emory University

Noah Adnan (2020)

Stanford University

Riley Johnson (2020)

Murray State University

Ben Howell (2020)

Emory University

Simon Hall (2020)

Colgate University

Olivia Geno (2020)

University of Rochester

Tomas Martini (2020)

American University

Kisa Kiingi (2020)

Cornell University

London Lewis (2020)

High Point University

Kevin Ventura (2020)

American University

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BSC Players Receive Super Y Golden Boot, Golden Glove Honors

This week, Super Y announced the winners of their Golden Boot awards for the top goalscorers in this year’s competition. In the girl’s Golden Boot race, Presley Weiner finished first with 22 goals, followed closely by Aylani Callwood and Valentina Perrotta, who tied for third with 18 goals each. On the boy’s side, congratulations to…
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BSC Teams Book Spots In Super Y League Playoffs

Congratulations to our seven teams that have booked their spots in the Super Y League Playoffs:   Boys U12 1-Coached by Philip Gyau Boys U12 2-Coached by Damar Bess Girls U12- Coached by Dave Greene and Daniel Akinkoye Boys U13- Coached by Simone Mariotti Girls U13-Coached by Kevin Layton Boys U14-Coached by Wendell Regis Girls…
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The Bethesda Soccer Club (BSC) is committed to creating a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer. With commitment to our goals and appreciation for the opportunity, we accept the responsibility to develop young players.

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