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Bethesda Soccer Club

The Bethesda Soccer Club (BSC) is committed to creating a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer. With commitment to our goals and appreciation for the opportunity, we accept the responsibility to develop young players.

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College Commitments

Noa Dorah (2020)

St. Francis University

Jaddah Foos (2020)

Georgia State University

Marlon Tabora (2020)

Georgetown University

Francesca Ciatto (2020)

College of the Holy Cross

Noah Atanda (2020)

Brown University

Brianna Skidmore (2020)

Franklin and Marshall College

William Moravek (2020)

Air Force Academy

Olivia McBerry (2020)

Emory University

Noah Adnan (2020)

Stanford University

Riley Johnson (2020)

Murray State University

Ben Howell (2020)

Emory University

Simon Hall (2020)

Colgate University

Olivia Geno (2020)

University of Rochester

Tomas Martini (2020)

American University

Kisa Kiingi (2020)

Cornell University

London Lewis (2020)

High Point University

Kevin Ventura (2020)

American University

Lane Lieberman (2020)

Savannah College of Arts and Design

Brian Kelly (2020)

University of Delaware

Claire Williams (2020)

St. Michael’s College

Francis Meyer (2020)

Johns Hopkins University

Thomas Zinngrebe (2019)

Coastal Carolina University

Uriel Zeitz (2019)

Columbia University

Andrew Wood (2019)

Catholic University

Garrett Socas (2019)

Dartmouth College

Gabe Segal (2019)

Stanford University NSCAA High School All-American

Aidan Rocha (2019)

Georgetown University

Evan Perez (2019)

James Madison University

Elias Norris (2019)

Brandeis University

Dennis Mensah (2019)

James Madison University

Ethan McMillen (2019)

Washington and Lee University

Rutendo Mareya (2019)

Mount St. Mary’s

Cole McNally (2019)

Wake Forest University

Jack Hwang (2019)

Carnegie Mellon University

Bobby Foose (2019)

Colgate University

Justin Bobb (2019)

Wisconsin University

Marty Biggens (2019)

St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Bobby Beringer (2019)

American University

Karamo Bah (2019)

Mount St. Mary’s

Alex Allen (2019)

University of California-San Diego

Eleni Triantas (2019)

University of Mary Washington

Kiersten Yuhas (2019)

Longwood University

Katie Stender-Moore (2019)

Washington University Washington Post All-Met First Team (2018)

Jane Olcott (2019)

Villanova Washington Post All-Met First Team (2018)

Maliah Morris (2019)

Clemson Washington Post All-Met Second Team (2018)

Jameese Joseph (2019)

North Carolina State University Washington Post All-Met First Team (2018)

Leagues and Affiliations