General Information On SportsRecruits

What is SportsRecruits?

SportsRecruits is an online college software tool that players and parents can use to help navigate the college recruiting process. It is a website that was  built by former college athletes to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing collegiate sports. It is designed to give players the opportunity to share their success both on and off of the pitch, to learn more about different colleges and universities across the country, and to communicate with college coaches when appropriate.

What Information Can I Put On My Player’s Profile?

The platform allows for players to provide a profile that shares their basic information (how many years they have played, what positions they are comfortable with, what they are interested in studying, etc.) while also giving them the opportunity to upload videos, photos, and news articles highlighting their skills. Players do have the opportunity to also control what information is private and what is public and can directly message coaches and institutions within the NCAA guidelines.

Does SportsRecruits Also Provide Academic Information About The College?

Yes! In addition to giving players and parents information about college athletics SportsRecruits also provides additional information on each colleges academic program. Key information such as application requirements, deadlines, cost, and what programs the college runs are also included.

In addition by signing up for a SportsRecruits account you will also receive access to their online resource center which includes helpful articles and webinars.

How Do I Sign Up For A SportsRecruits Account? 

All Bethesda SC U15-U19 players receive a complimentary SportsRecruits account as members of the club. To set up your account please contact your coach. Our coaches are also trained to be able to assist players with any questions that they might have about the recruiting process.