Boys and Girls 2021-2022 Tryout Information

2021-2022 Tryout Schedule

boys tryouts

Age GroupBirth YearDatesTimeLocation
Boys U82014-2015May 17 and May 245-6PMNorwood School
Boys U92013May 17 and May 245-6PM Norwood School
Boys U102012May 17 and May 246-7PM Norwood School
Boys U112011May 17 and May 247-8PM Norwood School
Boys U122010May 17 and May 247-8PMWootton High School
Boys U132009May 17 and May 248-9PM Wootton High School
Boys U142008May 20 and May 277-8PM Wootton High School
Boys U152007May 18 and May 257-8PM Wootton High School
Boys U162006May 18 and May 258-9PMWootton High School
Boys U172005May 18 and May 259-10PM Wootton High School
Boys U182004May 20 and May 278-9PM Wootton High School
Boys U19 2003May 20 and May 279-10PM Wootton High School

girls tryouts

Age GroupBirth YearDatesTimeLocation
Girls U82014-2015May 20 and May 275-6:15PMNorwood School
Girls U92013May 20 and May 275-6:15PMNorwood School
Girls U102012May 20 and May 276:30-7:45PMNorwood School
Girls U112011May 20 and May 276:30-7:45PMNorwood School
Girls U122010May 17 and May 247-8PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U132009May 17 and May 247-8PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U142008May 20 and May 277-8PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U152007May 19 and May 267-8PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U162006May 19 and May 268-9PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U172005May 19 and May 269-10PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U182004May 20 and May 278-9PMRichard Montgomery HS
Girls U19 2003May 20 and May 279-10PMRichard Montgomery HS

What happens at the tryout?

Players will check-in at the front of each facility with a BSC staff member or coach. Players must bring a ball, water bottle, and mask to their tryout. Please arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. Players must also register for a tryout beforehand (no walk-ups).

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Players, coaches, and staff will be required to wear masks at all times. Players are also required to review the COVID-19 Pre-Screen Questionnaire on the day of their tryout.

Parents are not allowed to attend tryouts and must remain in their cars.

What happens after the tryout?

After the tryout has been conducted, the Age Group Director will present the player and their families a tryout acceptance/denial letter via email (The email will go to the address that you initially signed up with. Please also check your spam inbox). All tryout letters will be distributed no later than June 11th. Please do not contact the Bethesda SC Front Office or your Age Group Director asking for a tryout status update prior to that date.

If the player is accepted, they will be given the name of the coach and the team that they believe best suits the player's skill level and needs. They will also provide the parents with the player guide giving some basic information about the club, fee structure, parent and player requirements, scholarship opportunities, club benefits, and the next steps.

Before a player can participate in any practices or games they must accept the offer, register for the team through LeagueApps, and complete any league paperwork as requested by their coach or team manager.


Where Can I Find Out More Information About the Bethesda Boys and Girls Programs?

For more information on the Bethesda Boys and Girls Program please check out our program pages.

Boys Youth Development Program (U8-U11)

Boys State Cup (U12-U19)

MLS NEXT Academy (U13-U19)

Girls Youth Development Program (U8-U11)

Girls State Cup (U12-U19)

Girls ECNL (U12-U19)

 Age Group Director Contact Information


U7-U11: Trevor Martin

U12-U14: Brett Colton

U15-U19: Derek Biss



U7-U11: Eric Tin

U12-14: Dave Greene

U15-U19: Kevin Layton