Media Toolkit

Welcome to the Bethesda SC Media Toolkit page! Bethesda SC is proud to use our social media and marketing tools to help show all of the outstanding achievements that our players make, both on and off the pitch. We are very fortunate to have some incredible student-athletes making positive contributions to their teams and our world.

Our club firmly believes in the positive impact that soccer can have on a player, a team, and a community. Our goals are to use our various platforms to help promote the positive impact that our players, coaches, staff, and club have on the world around them.


So What Does Bethesda SC Like To Share On Its Platforms?

BSC's Mission is to create a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer. Our social media and website platforms are an extension of our mission in that we use them to promote ALL of our players, coaches, staff, and alumni.

  • Top (first or second) finishes at tournaments
  • Practice or game footage
  • Player, Coach, Staff, and Team Awards from leagues, established soccer organizations, and major media publications
  • Team bonding sessions (i.e. going to the movies or a professional game)
  • Academic achievements
  • College Commitments
  • National Team call-ups
  • Speaking opportunities for coaches and staff
  • Community service efforts
  • Opportunities for player development are provided by state and league associations as well as our partnership organizations.
  • Alumni news
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  • All photos must be in either a JPEG or PNG format
  • The photo must be clear and not grainy or too out of focus
  • For team photos from the tournament or game: Must include the entire team name (i.e. BU15 Blue), their coach's name, and general information (i.e., who scored, some big moments from the game, etc.)
  • For individual photos: The photo must include players' names and the team they play for.
  • All players must have signed the photo waiver during registration to have their picture posted on social media. 


  • The video must be clear.
  • We will not repost videos that contain music that is copyrighted (Our social media could be potentially flagged and removed by the platform).
  • Any videos of professional clubs must also be from legitimate sources (i.e. FIFA, Major League Soccer, etc.)
  • If it is a video of an individual player, please provide the player's first and last name and their team name.
  • If it is a highlight package of a team from a game or a tournament, please provide some basic information from the event (scores, goalscorers, etc.)

News Articles

  • Link to the article must be provided
  • If the article is behind a paywall, you can either provide a PDF of the piece or a screenshot of the mention of the player or team.
  • Articles on a player's achievement in high school soccer are accepted.

College Commitments

BSC is committed to highlighting all our players who will play college soccer the following fall.

If you are interested in having your daughter or son's college announcement highlighted on our social media, please email our Marketing and Communications Director Matt Ney with the following information: their name (first and last), the full name of the school they will be attending, the team they currently play for at Bethesda, and a CLEAR photo of them in their BSC jersey or BSC apparel.

Where Can The Club Be Found On Social Media?

You can click any of the links above to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Flickr pages. The club uses #WeAreBethesda and #BethesdaSC as our two hashtags.

Where Can I Send My Media Items To So That They Can be posted?

All photos, videos, and articles must go to our Marketing and Communications Director, Matt Ney, at Please note that all posts are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be delayed in posting social media items. We will notify you when it has been received and give you an estimated time that it will be posted.