DONATE NOW On Giving Tuesday, we ask for your help to contribute to our scholarship fund for our athletes and the community that need assistance! The V&S Foundation is continuing its support of one of Bethesda with a $15,000 dollar-for-dollar match during Giving Tuesday.  While the club’s most recognizable moments may be its national championships…

Footballing (6/2): In-Depth with Jose Ortega

Teamwork & Leadership

What does it mean to be a good teammate? Why is it important to truly be a team in competitive club soccer? How can everyone be a leader, when a team has so many different personalities?  Teamwork (noun): cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team…

Footballing (5/3): 1v1 with Phillip Gyau

1 v 1 – Conversation with Phillip Gyau

  A 45-minute in-depth conversation with Phillip Gyau about all the aspects that go into being a good 1 v 1 player. If you are a fan of the game or a player who wants to learn, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

College Recruiting Isn’t Just About Your Play

Many of our players continue their soccer careers once they graduate from Bethesda SC in college. Understandably many players concentrate on what happens on the field in the recruiting process, however, college recruiting isn’t just about your play, there are many other elements to the recruitment process other than a player’s performance on the field.…