Ekkono Clinic

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The Ekkono Method, a well-regarded soccer training methodology, emphasizes fostering players who excel in game interpretation and decision-making. Conceived over 20 years ago by David Hernández and Carles Romagosa, it's a cognitive soccer training approach aiming to create "smart players" capable of finding intelligent solutions during play. The core objective is to ensure players can accurately interpret the game dynamics and respond effectively, enhancing their overall on-pitch performance.

Ekkono is a football training method used for more than 40 professional clubs, football federations and universities all over the world.

Players that have trained under Ekkono: Christian Pulisic, Andi Sullivan, Cesc Fabregas, Jordi Alba

Clubs/Federations that have used their methodology: PSG, Pachuca, and the Japanese Federation.

Spring Session - 12 Players Maximum per session

Friday - Sofive (4/5-5/24)
U10/11 Boys - 430 PM
U10/11 Girls - 530 PM
U12/13 Boys - 630 PM
U12/13 Girls - 730 PM

Sundays - 3/15-5/10 (8 Weeks) (Easter, 4/31 OFF)
U8/9 Boys - 9 AM
U8/9 Girls - 10 AM
Cost: $285

Sofive: 1008 Westmore Ave, Rockville, MD 20850


If you have questions about our Ekkono Clinic, contact Matt Ney, @ mney@bethesdasoccer.org.