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2020 sUPER Y Summer League Information

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Age GroupBoys Coach(es)Girls Coach(es)
U11 (2011/2010)Philip Gyau/Eric TinPhilip Gyau/Liz Robinson
U12 (2009)Simone Mariotti/Dave UngradyDave Greene
U13 (2008)Bill MoravekDave Greene
U14 (2007)Bill MoravekKevin Layton
U15 (2006)Wendell RegisKevin Layton
U16/U17 (2005/2004)Wendell RegisJosh Kinnetz/Matt Parsons
U18 (2003)Edgar Zunigan/a

General Information

What is Super Y?

Super Y League is a summer league set up by the United Soccer Leagues (USL) as a means of giving players the opportunity to play against elite level competition during the summer months. Super Y is the perfect opportunity for players to continue to work on their game during the summer months and ready themselves for the fall season.

When does the Super Y season start and end?

The Super Y season runs from June 8th to August 4th The top teams in each group will have the opportunity to play in the Super Y League National Championships. In 2019 Bethesda SC's U-14 Boys were crowned National Champions.

How often do Super Y League teams practice and when do they play games? Teams will practice twice a week with games on Saturdays and Sundays.

What are the roster sizes? Typically Super Y League rosters are larger than normal travel team rosters to help accommodate families that will be away for portions of the summer.

I have finished my tryout. What's next? The coach from your age group will contact you within two-three weeks of completion to let you know that you have been accepted. Once you have been accepted you will have to register through your LeagueApps account AND through the Super Y League page. No player will be allowed to participate until both steps have been completed. 

What are the fees? The fees are $625 for Boys and Girls Ages U11-U12 and $675 for Boys and Girls Ages U13 and above. Parents will have the option of either paying in full at checkout or having their payment broken into two installments. The first payment will go out on June 1st and the second will go out on July 1st.

I want to learn more about Bethesda's Super Y League Program and to try out.

Please contact our Age Group Directors for more information.


U11- Trevor Martin (

U12-U14- Brett Colton (

U15-U19- Matt Ney (



U11- Eric Tin (

U12-U14- Dave Greene (

U15-U19- Kevin Layton ( )


To Check Out The 2020 Parent and Player Guide Click Here