BSC Teams Book Spots In Super Y League Playoffs

Congratulations to our seven teams that have booked their spots in the Super Y League Playoffs:


  • Boys U12 1-Coached by Philip Gyau
  • Boys U12 2-Coached by Damar Bess
  • Girls U12- Coached by Dave Greene and Daniel Akinkoye
  • Boys U13- Coached by Simone Mariotti
  • Girls U13-Coached by Kevin Layton
  • Boys U14-Coached by Wendell Regis
  • Girls U14-Coached by Liz Robinson

The 2021 Super Y League regular season was a huge success for BSC, with seven teams finishing in the top two of their age groups and multiple players finishing at the top of the Golden Boot and Golden Glove races. All seven sides will compete in the 2021 Super Y League playoffs, scheduled to take place in December in Florida.