U12-U14 Virtual Academy Syllabus (Updated Weekly)

I. Virtual Technical Training

  • Players will work on technical training through videos designed by their coaches.
  • All workouts will be hosted on the Techne Football Application. If you haven't downloaded the Application you can so via one of the buttons below.
  • If you are having technical issues with the App please contact TechneFutbol at 202-539-8123 extension 2 or you can file an online ticket with their customer support here.

To Download Techne Futbol Click On One Of The Buttons Below

II. Strength and Agility Sessions 

  • Each week players will be given a specific workout plan designed to enhance the skills that they will be working on in their Technical Training
  • Please make sure that your player stretches before and after their strength and agility session for at least 5-10 minutes
    All workouts will be designed by your coach in coordination with our partners at Healthy Baller.
  • If you have questions about your workout please contact your coach.

To create your Healthy Baller account click one of the buttons below.

III. Team Meetings and Upcoming Webinars

  • Parents-Your coach will be sending you an online meeting link to both your email and via TeamSNAP no later than on 8pm on Monday each week.
  • Team meetings will run about 30-40 minutes and will focused on what the players have learned this week through training, how the training will help them in game scenarios.
  • Prior to the meeting players need to watch the game listed below and we encourage them to take notes! The meeting will wrap up with a fun activity aimed at fostering team bonding.

In addition you can check out some upcoming webinars below! We should note that the webinars below are also optional.

Tuesday, April 28 at 2 p.m. ET on Facebook
Facebook Live with PlayerMaker guest Steve Barrett
Topic: "Understanding the Youth Athlete: Transition Between Age Groups"


Soccer Parenting Association Soccer Resource Center


Interactive Online Course for Youth Athletes (Positive Coaching Alliance)- This is a free 60 minute course which helps teach student-athletes how to make positive contributions on three levels- Personal Mastery (Improving Oneself), Leadership (Improving Teammates), and Honoring the Game (Improving the Sport).
Montgomery County Public E-Library - The Montgomery County Public Library has hundreds of books available online to help players more about the game of soccer and useful resources on physical and psychological development as well college recruiting resources. Frederick County and Howard County also have great soccer libraries available electronically.

Boys and Girls Homework VIDEO Of The Week


Have Questions?

For questions about your team please contact your coach.

If you have any general questions about our curriculum, or if you have suggestions on videos that players can watch or upcoming webinars or resources please let us know!  You can contact our Boys U12-U14 Director Brett Colton at bcolton@bethesdasoccer.org or our Girls U12-U14 Director Dave Greene at dgreene@bethesdasoccer.org