Manager's Corner

What is a Manager?  Managers serve a vital role in making sure that communication from the front office downward reaches each parent and work directly with our coaches to ensure that each and every player is ready to play and that teams enjoy the best possible soccer experience.

What are a BSC Manager’s Responsibilities?

BSC Managers:

  • Act as a liaison between the club and the team, parents, and coaches.
  • Assist in communicating to parents about weather delays, practice and game changes (including dates, times, and fields)
  • Calendar: Update accurate game/practice times, locations, jersey colors, and volunteers if required
  • Registration & Carding: Assist the BSC Front Office with ensuring that all players are carded according to their Association and/or leagues rules (For Carding Proceedures please go to the carding page)
  • Team Book: Bring team book with all required player cards to games; become familiar with league policies and rules
    • A team book is a booklet that contains the team’s player cards, roster information, and medical waivers
  • Club Meetings/Presentations: Attend all events or elect someone to go in your place.
  • Bethesda Premier Cup Tournament Representative: Every team must appoint one representative to attend all tournament meetings and communicate/coordinate their team’s responsibilities. The Premier Cup is BSC’s signature event of the year, and is by far the club’s largest fundraiser. Every Bethesda family is asked to volunteer 2 to 4 hours.

What are the requirements to be a BSC Manager?

  • The club requires that all managers must:
    • Pass a federal background investigation
    • Pass coursework sexual abuse awareness training
    • Pass concussion protocol
  • Must be willing to file and complete tournament registration paperwork
  • Work directly with their BSC Coach on scheduling a Parent Meeting

Am I allowed to get additional help?

Absolutely! Especially when it comes to tournaments we encourage managers to bring out Team Tournament Coordinators to help facilitate travel, schedules, lodging, etc.

Does BSC offer Manager Meetings or seminars?

At the start of each season BSC will offer 1-2 manager meetings to help explain the manager process and also to answer any questions that might arise.

All of this sounds great to me. Where do I sign up?

Please contact our Technical Director Jonathon Colton at