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Make A Donation To The Bethesda SC Scholarship Fund

BETHESDA SOCCER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FUND Through the years, The Bethesda Soccer Club Scholarship Fund has been specifically dedicated to providing financial support to local youth who would ordinarily not have the opportunity to play travel soccer. In 2020, the club received over 100 applications for our Scholarship program. While the club was able to provide over $100,000 in scholarships to players and their families there is still room for improvement. The average scholarship awarded only covers approximately 40% of a player's annual club dues.

Please keep in mind that the average cost for 1 player per year is approximately $2,500, so any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated and help a family with their dues.

There are 5 Tiers for donating:

$50 Donation

$100 Donation

$250 Donation

$500 Donation

$1,000 Donation

We are working on changing the language in the Registration but for now, please select "Register Myself as Player"

Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the Scholarship Fund please contact our Office Manager Zane Campbell at office@bethesdasoccer.org 

Bethesda Soccer Club Mission Statement
The Bethesda Soccer Club (BSC) a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to creating a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players to reach their potential through the beautiful game of soccer. With commitment to our goals and appreciation for the opportunity, we accept the responsibility to develop every player to their highest level of skills, athleticism, teamwork, and leadership in soccer. We strive to use all of our faculties strength, spirit, courage, compassion, and intelligence  to achieve positive results on and off the pitch for our players and families.  passionate leadership and detailed, holistic approach to long-term elite development at every age group support our uncompromising resolve to be the best youth soccer club in the country. We also strive to be a positive role model for our community, including through the provision of financial support for needy families to the best of our ability.