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Player Advisory Council


Player Advisory Council

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·       To create an environment where players are involved in aspects of the club;

·       To provide opportunities for feedback and discussion about the club (both positive and negative);

·       Create player advocates within the club to design, plan, organize, and participate in club activities.



VOLUNTEER/SOCIAL MEDIA                                                 Assist in providing volunteers for club activities                  

                                                                                                 and office; determine ideas for increased usage of
                                                                                                 club social media (twitter, snap chat, facebook)                 

SOCIAL/SPIRIT                                                                        Plan and organize club “spirit days” and social activities


COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                           Organize and promote club community service projects

FUNDRAISING                                                                         Activities that promote club and fundraising possibilities


Last Year’s Accomplishments:

Met with Adidas and helped decide on this year’s kits for players

Spirit day at PJ Sports

Disability summer soccer camp at Richard Montgomery HS

Spirit day at Buffalo Wild Wings


Programs for 2016/2017:

Club community service project at Soccerplex field #20 (community service, volunteer)

Volunteer opportunities at Fun Bunch team; Bethesda Premier Cup; futsal cup; office/warehouse (social media/volunteers)

Spirit days at PJ Sports & Buffalo Wild Wings (social, spirit)

Work with BSC Marketing to organize player social media & newsletter – snap shot, instagram (social media/volunteer)

Senior celebration in spring – senior soccer game, pictures (social/spirit)

Clinic/camp for younger players (community service, fundraising, volunteer)

Soccer golf tournament (social/spirit, community service, fundraising)




PAC Meeting Agenda

Sunday, December 11


COMMITTEES                                                                                               Chairperson
                                                                                                                       Plan for remainder of the year – events & dates                 


CLUB DISCUSSION                                                                                         




Next Meeting:

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. @ BETHESDA OFFICE (8655 Grovemont Circle, Gaithersburg)



Field Status

Open Open

Mont Co CUPF School and Park Grass Fields (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Walter Johnson HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Wootton HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Richard Montgomery HS Turf  (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Maryland Soccerplex (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

20 (09:31 PM | 08/03/17)

Open Open

Muldoons Farm (01:16 PM | 04/24/17)

Open Open

Bullis School (01:01 PM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Bretton Woods (06:10 AM | 09/07/17)

Open Open

Norwood School (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Fairland Recreational Park (12:36 PM | 03/14/17)

Open Open

St. Andrew's Episcopal School (11:07 AM | 04/26/17)