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Bethesda Soccer Club Uniforms

Parents and players are invited to go into PJ’s Sports to try on the uniforms for sizing purposes.  Once the players have been sized, orders can either be placed in the store or online (refer to respective links below).

For your convenience, PJ's will have sizing sheets with the online store links available to you.  They will also have order forms available if you would like to place the order in store. 

When placing orders, you will need to provide the Player’s First and Last Name, Team Name, Team Age Group, and Jersey Number.  (Jersey number assignments will come directly from your coach or manager.  Please contact your coach directly if they are not.) 

PJ’s will process the orders and you will be contacted to pick up your order at the store. After an order is placed and processed, embellished items (Jerseys, Warm Ups, Bags) cannot be exchanged, so please verify all sizes before placing an order. 

Uniform kits sold as complete packagesUniforms will be used for team play for 2 years, Fall 2016-Spring 2018, so please size accordingly. 

Goalkeepers should contact PJs to place orders and see options on GK jerseys. 

U08 Kit Includes:            
       2 Game Jerseys
       2 Game Shorts
       2 Pair of Socks


U09-U18 Kit Includes:     

       2 Game Jerseys 2 Practice Jerseys
       2 Game Shorts 2 Practice Shorts
       2 Pair Socks Warmup Jacket
       Warmup Pants Back Pack

U08 Kit:                       Youth   $114.20 plus tax

U09-U12 Kit:                Youth   $301.45 plus tax

U09-U12 Kit:                Adult    $322.25 plus tax


U13-U18 Boys Kit:        Youth   $323.55 plus tax

U13-U18 Boys Kit:        Adult    $345.95 plus tax         


U13-U18 Girls Kit:        Youth   $330.05 plus tax

U13-U18 Girls Kit:        Adult    $349.85 plus tax         


Below are links by Team Age Group to the online stores.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PJ's Sports at 301-365-0355 or




U08 Boys and Girls


U09-U12 Boys and Girls


U13-U18 Boys


U13-U18 Girls

Field Status

Open Open

Walter Johnson HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Wootton HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Richard Montgomery HS Turf  (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Maryland Soccerplex (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

20 (09:31 PM | 08/03/17)

Open Open

Muldoons Farm (01:40 PM | 04/09/18)

Open Open

Bretton Woods (01:40 PM | 04/09/18)

Open Open

Norwood School (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Fairland Recreational Park (01:40 PM | 04/09/18)

Open Open

Blair HS Turf (01:40 PM | 04/09/18)

Open Open

Westland Middle School (01:40 PM | 04/09/18)

Open Open

St. Andrew's Episcopal School (11:07 AM | 04/26/17)