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Welcome to our player, manager and coach registration page!

This year, we are excited to be working with Korrio - a 21st century sports automation system that BSC has chosen to simplify registration, scheduling and communications. We are committed to making all aspects of our program excellent and easy for you, and we believe Korrio will support this endeavor. Once you have registered in Korrio, you will be placed on a team and begin to receive emails and messages from your manager and coach, as well as receive a newsletter from the club that highlights club activities.

You must have received an invitation letter from our club in order to register with one of our teams. If you would like to decline this offer, please send an email to as well as informing your coach or manager. All team registration will be done in the new Korrio system.

1. Please take the time to review our Player Information and Code of Conduct Packet's that are available via the links on the right side of this page. They contain important information you will need before completing the registration process.

2. Please pull together this information before registering:

  • Player Information
  • Parents/Guardians: Parents'/Guardians' names
  • Parents' address(es) - if different, please use the Primary as the address where the player primarily lives
  • Home phone, parents' work phone & parent cell phone numbers
  • Parents’ E-mail addresses
  • Name and phone numbers of a person to notify in an emergency
  • Head & shoulders photo (highly recommended for competitive players)

3. Registration Process:

  • If you are new to Korrio, sign up for their platform and create a new login for yourself.  If you have been affiliated with other sports clubs that used Korrio (MSI or Stoddert), then your information may already be in their system, so enter your email address where instructed to check on this.
  • After you have created the master account in the PARENTS name, add your BSC player(s) into the system.
  • First register yourself as a volunteer, by choosing yourself when prompted: "Who would you like to register?"
  • When you complete this step, click on "Add another registration"
  • Then click on your player to see registration options, ?choose the appropriate development program, and then complete this registration interview to register your child for the 2015-16 season. 

Also on the right of this window, you will find Korrio Quick Guides that touch on the highlights of the communciation platform, your personal dashboard, and the benefits the system will provide to you. There are also "Video Overviews" that provide more in-depth understanding in a multi-media format, as well as "walk-through guides" that outline (in detail) the registration process.

Finally, as part of our licensing of the Korrio platform, you have free use of the Korrio mobile application for iOS and Android devices. Korrio mobile is designed to be your companion to the BSC Korrio platform for team communication, schedules, rosters and more. The app takes advantage of the valued information in Korrio today, so you don’t have to worry about re-entering and managing the information yourself.

You can learn more about the Korrio mobile application here.  You can download the app by clicking on the banner below.


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Registration Walkthrough:

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Field Status

Open Open

Mont Co CUPF School and Park Grass Fields (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Walter Johnson HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Wootton HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Richard Montgomery HS Turf  (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Maryland Soccerplex (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

20 (09:31 PM | 08/03/17)

Open Open

Muldoons Farm (01:16 PM | 04/24/17)

Open Open

Bullis School (01:01 PM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Bretton Woods (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Norwood School (08:07 AM | 06/05/17)

Open Open

Fairland Recreational Park (12:36 PM | 03/14/17)

Open Open

St. Andrew's Episcopal School (11:07 AM | 04/26/17)