Bethesda Soccer Club

THE LAST BETHESDA TEAM to play on a field in a weekend is RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKE DOWN AND CLEAN UP!!! If you are not highlighted in RED, please do not take the goals down.  
Take Down teams are indicated in RED in the TABLE Below
PLEASE Make sure that all 

Muldoons Farm

GENERAL FIELD POLICY (Teams need to send this information to their opponents):

  • Follow traffic direction signs
  • DO NOT DRIVE ON FIELDS (i.e., to take the goals from the shed to your assigned field or for any other reason). 
  • PARKING – Vehicles are to be parked between the polo field and the tree line, at the top of the hill.  Vehicles are not to enter towards the field area.  Walk onto the path that leads to the fields.
  • No pets
  • No Smoking
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • Police the grounds after your game.  Either take trash with you or place trashcans at the field
  • All BSC teams are responsible to enforce these rules among their members, visitors and opponents
  • No warming up on unused fields!

NOTE: For the safety of all players using our fields, it is imperative that the portable goals are assembled properly.  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to set up goals.

IF THE FIELDS ARE DRY AND HARD - please do not pound on the goal feet with a hammer - they will easily break because they are made of aluminum - make a pilot hole with a net stake - pour some water into the hole - then drive the stake farther into the ground - pour more water into the hole to make the ground soft - then PUSH the goal feet into the ground.

The Muldoons Farm Schedule (above) will show take down responsibility. We have someone set up the fields for all teams each weekend.  Please do not take down the fields on Saturday unless the schedule instructs you to. Keep in mind that schedule changes happen frequently during the season.  Some of these changes occur on the last minute.  So check as late as Friday night or Saturday morning/evening on this site and your league site in case the match before or after yours has been moved and you have field loading responsibility.  

The shed at the top of the hill contains goals, nets, flags, liners, paint, trashcans and other equipment.  Instructions for set-up and take down are listed below. 

It is the responsibility of the last team leaving the fields to make sure that the shed is locked.  All teams are responsible to clean up after themselves and leave the field in good condition for the next match.  Do not expect the team after you to clean for you.  Make sure your opponents put their trash away.  Trash cans need to be put out on both sides of the fields with bags lining the cans.  If the team before your match did not bring out the trashcans, then you should do so.

As is always the case, the use and participation on any field is a privilege.  If we do our best to take care of the fields, take care of our behavior and ensure that we do not litter the fields after use, then the privilege continues.  So remind your players and parents to clean up after themselves, to respect any ground rules (dogs are not allowed at many parks) and to park in appropriate places. 

TAKE DOWN (for teams having the last match of the weekend)

  • Instructions for assembling goals with illustrations
  • Goals need put back into their respective bags
  • Return the equipment to the shed
  • For small-sided goals, the nets are to be placed in the bag.
  • For regulation goals, the nets are to be put in net bags, NOT the goal bags. 
  • The regulation goal bags are to be placed on top of the goals.
  • Flags are NOT to be put into bags.  On the left side of the shed, there are hooks to hang the flags.
  • Make sure that there is no loose equipment lying around
  • Place the equipment in an orderly fashion, goals in their respective areas, flags, trashcans, etc.
  • The small-sided goals are to be placed on the left side of the shed.
  • Regulation goals are to be placed on the right side of the shed.
  • Place the goals bags in their respective sides and make sure that an AISLE is CLEAR between the respective goal bags.
  • Police the grounds before you leave.  Make sure that no trash is left on the grounds.  This includes loose tape.
  • The trashcans are to be returned to the back of the shed.  The trash bags should be left neatly outside the by the side of the shed. 
  • Make sure that the shed is locked before you leave

Field Status

Closed Closed

Mont Co CUPF School and Park Grass Fields (01:00 PM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Walter Johnson HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Wootton HS Turf (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Richard Montgomery HS Turf  (11:33 AM | 09/29/16)

Open Open

Maryland Soccerplex (10:00 AM | 04/07/17)

Open Open

Muldoons Farm (01:16 PM | 04/24/17)

Open Open

Bullis School (01:01 PM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Bretton Woods (11:05 AM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Norwood School (11:02 AM | 04/26/17)

Open Open

Fairland Recreational Park (12:36 PM | 03/14/17)

Open Open

St. Andrew's Episcopal School (11:07 AM | 04/26/17)