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Sep, 2013

Bethesda-Olney Records 4 Wins and 1 Loss Against Established PA Classics Academy

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Bethesda-Olney Exclusive Announcement
September 23, 2013
By Deb Warsaw

Bethesda-Olney records 4 wins and 1 loss against PA Classics
Overall Academy Record is: 12 Wins, 1 Tie and 2 Losses

Bethesda, Maryland (USA) -----------------------Monday, September 23, 2013 -----Bethesda-Olney showed its muscle
against an established PA Classics Academy team at Richard Montgomery field Sunday, September 22. All five Bethesda-Olney Academy teams competed resulting in 4 Wins and 1 loss. 

Bethesda-Olney Academy scorers versus PA Classics were: U17/U18 Academy- Matt Ledder and U13/U14 Academy - Alex Hood, Pre Academy U15- Michael Lake, Pre Academy U13 - Daniel Nugent, Gavin Shirley, and Senai Tesfu. 

Bethesda-Olney U17/18 Coach, Matt Pilkington comments about playing the first 3 Academy games via email. They are undefeated to date against FC Delco, DC United and PA Classics.

"Our first 3 games have been a good test of where we are as a group and although there is room for improvement the team has performed at a high level in each an every game", explains Coach Matt Pilkington, "Our goal is to get better each week and develop a style of play which gives us some recognition and identity throughout US Soccer." 

The Bethesda-Olney U17/U18 team has been ranked Number #1 for U18 Development Academy for September 2013. See the entire list at:  

Bethesda-Olney's overall Academy record stands at 12 wins, 1 Tie and 2 losses against FC Delco, DC United and PA Classics.

Bethesda-Olney will face PDA- Player's Development Academy on September 28, 2013 at PDA Fields.

Results of Sunday, September 23rd, 2013:   (Bethesda-Olney versus PA Classics)  4-0-1

Bethesda-Olney Academy U17/U18 Academy
 versus PA Classics U17/18  1 to 0,  Coach Matt Pilkington 

Bethesda-Olney Academy U15/U16 Academy versus PA Classics U15/16  0 to 2,  Coach Brett Colton

Bethesda-Olney Pre Academy U15 versus PA Classics Pre Academy U15  1 to 0,  Coach Emile Mbouh

Bethesda-Olney Academy U13/U14 Academy versus PA Classics U13/14  1 to 0,  Coach Matt Ney

Bethesda-Olney Pre Academy U13 versus PA Classics Pre Academy U13  3 to 0,  Coach Trevor Martin

This was Bethesda-Olney's third time on the game field. Bethesda-Olney's record to date is: 12 Wins, 1 Tie and
2 losses. 

Bethesda-Olney Versus Competitors to Date:
  • Continental FC Delco  5 Wins  0 Tie 0 Loss
  • DC United 3 Wins 1 Tie 1 Loss
  • PA Classics 4 Wins 0 Tie 1 Loss
Bethesda-Olney Totals 12 Wins 1 Tie 2 Losses

ABOUT THE US SOCCER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY: Established in 2007, the U.S. Soccer Development Academy strives to improve the everyday environment for the elite youth player. The Development Academy is a partnership between U.S. Soccer and the top youth clubs around the country to provide the best youth players in the U.S. with an everyday environment designed to produce the next generation of National Team players.

ABOUT BETHESDA SOCCER CLUB: is a Premier Travel and Youth Development based in Montgomery County, Maryland, outside Washington DC, with over 30 years of soccer excellence.  Bethesda Soccer Club started as three teams in 1979, competing as the Bethesda Boys Club. Today, they have over 60 boys’ and girls’ teams from ages U-8 through U-19 that compete in various leagues in Maryland, Virginia and Region I. Many of our players have gone on to have successful collegiate or professional careers. The Club philosophy is to develop our players so that they are prepared to compete at the next level. For more information visit: 

ABOUT OBGC, For information, visit: OBGC Soccer (Olney) was formed in 1975 and was incorporated in Maryland in 1981 as a 501(c) (iii) non-profit organization. OBGC Soccer fields travel teams for boys and girls in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL) and Washington Area Girls Soccer League (WAGS) and Olney/Bethesda Soccer League (OBSL). 

CONTACTS: Jonathon Colton, Bethesda Soccer Club, Director of Coaching Boys; Pete Wood, Director of Coaching Boys, OBGC ;  Deb Warsaw, Bethesda Soccer Club, Marketing / PR,; More information:  Twitter @bethesdascnews  Facebook: Bethesda Soccer Club 

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